The world needs a voice of Cosmic Leadership; The Star Party of Canada shall champion the citizens of Canada's future participation in the space race and advocate a national strategy that will keep Canada competitive in the Cosmic Century Ahead. The Star Captain's Blog; will serve as a platform for; Political Debate, Entertainment and Social Media, Blog postings, and related information, that will encourage the proliferation of household discussions about Canada's future in space, and discussions about the future of Canada's Cannabis Industry and Craft Cannabis Industry. By 2019, we aim to build a formidable community to support the development of Canada's space and cannabis industries, and to pursue the development and election of a forward thinking Space Party - The Star Party of Canada.

Since 2015, the Star Captain Dread has sought to nudge space related issues into Canadian Election Debates using a combination of entertaining and informative public education and activism campaigns on social media, through personal and business relationships across Toronto, Canada, and the world. The conversation about our future in space is seemingly currently being led by the Billionaire class, while dually; these same entities seek to undermine the existing Cannabis industry of it's future - while the existing community, and world at large faces fall out from their actions. As such, the world needs a leader with vision to advocate on behalf of the masses and a future where our democracy can flourish, and our planet can be restored - rather than Corporations driving the world into a ditch while plotting escape to Mars.

In this world, we must be the change we seek, and if we seek a Cosmic Democratic Future - We'll need to step up and be the future leaders we aspire to see in the world, that will bridge the gap. - Star Captain Dread

Star Captain Dread has released two albums thus far; Quantum Broadcast in 2016, and Quantum Disturbance 2017 - as free Soundcloud playlists available below. Additional exclusive content, can be found on physical albums exclusively available in person or by requesting a physical order by e-mail. More Exclusive Content Coming Soon..


    01 Not Done
    02 Adjourned
    03 Star Captains Blitz
    04 Respect The People Of The Herb
    05 Disturbance In Babylon
    06 No Regence
    07 Doorway To'morrow
    08 Walk to the Future


    01 Hotbox
    02 Fyah Fighter
    03 Warfyah
    04 Quantum Reactions
    05 Orbital
    06 Starcannon
    07 No Regence
    08 Quantum Waves
    09 Quantum Rasta
    10 Disturbance in Babylon
    11 Quantum Box
    12 Cosmic Pirate Shanty
    13 Oceans and Ships