In 2019, Let's launch Canada's Cosmic Century

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The world needs a voice of Cosmic Leadership; The Star Party of Canada shall champion the citizens of Canada's future participation in the space race and advocate a national strategy that will keep Canada competitive in the Cosmic Century Ahead. We will encourage the continuation of international space cooperation, as we advocate colonization and encourage other nations worldwide to re-prioritize military resources into space development and expanding the environment of our civilization to include Orbital and Lunar settlements. We will advocate for peace worldwide; standing firm against any aggression, whilst our nation aims to boldly go where no nation has gone before - to the Stars.

Star Party Team

In order for a new federal political party to register in Canada;

A Party Leader, 4 Officers, a Chief Electoral Agent, an Auditor, and 250 registered electors (voters) are required.

PARTY LEADER - Andrew Kuess




We are currently gathering signatures and supporters nation wide, online, and in various municipalities across the country.

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Star Party Proposals

1) Every Canadian Citizen will be given the option of downloading an APP, that helps us collaboratively participate, operate, direct and maintain the entity known as GOVERNMENT at a municipal, provincial, and federal level.

Blog: Democracy 2.019

2) The Canadian Space Industry, as well as Universities and Colleges will receive and increase in funding and support so that we can build Spaceport's in Ontario and BC and effectively compete in the Space Economy as a nation.

Blog: The National Pursuit of Space

3) The Trans-Canada Highway will be gradually redeveloped into a Solar Roadway that will act as a power generator across Canada.

Blog: The Solar Road

4) Canada will dedicate a portion of R&D funding towards developing a mobile-capable home system called an AiRV (alike an RV, with a quad-copter flight system); which will park within Apartment-like docking complexes, allowing for future living flexibility and mobility.

Blog: Airborne Nation

5) Canada will nationally challenge the Private Pursuit of Trillion dollar asteroids by putting national resources into beating them there and claiming it for our citizens and the development of our Star Fleet Program.

Blog: The National Pursuit of Space

6) Canada should grow up as a nation and take control over its constitutional democracy, so as to prevent and sever any ties from whatever Shenanigans may occur in the UK. (Lord Buckethead)

Blog: Galactic Empire or Cosmic Republic?

7) Canada will not build any more pipelines, nor bury Nuclear waste by the Great Lakes. Efforts will be made to combat destructive environmental damage around the globe, whilst researching and developing new energy resources and technology.

Project: Earth Monitor

8) Canada will encourage the development, legislative adoption, and proliferation of flying car, hoverbike, AiRV, and related technologies worldwide.

Blog: Airborne Nation

9) Canada will develop a Cloud Nine Platform (Buckminster Fuller: Tensengrity Sphere)

Blog: Airborne Nation

10) ALL non-violent Cannabis related charges will be erased. Legalization of Cannabis Legislation will be enhanced, and a public apology issued for past damages caused by prohibition. (Amnesty)

Blog: Legalization 2.019

11) Enhanced voting information and training materials for collaborative, voluntary app-based governance, will be provided through schools and online to prepare students for participation/observation of enhanced democracy. (Don't Cut Civics)

Blog: Democracy 2.019

12) Enhanced Ecological reforestation campaigns including aerial seeding of forests damaged by industrial logging and/or mining, as well as the aggressive redevelopment of Coral Reefs. (Reforestation Drones)

Blog: Earth Monitor

13) Instead of building new aircraft and naval ships; Canada's military will focus on the research and development of a multi-capable interplanetary defense force; The Canadian Star Fleet - that is capable of operating on land, air and sea, to compensate for potential variations of future operations.

Blog: Canadian Star Fleet

14) Canada will lead the public discussion of Exopolitic's related issues, ie; alien Contact, our future alien presence on Mars, interplanetary affairs, the establishing of an Alien Embassy and the establishing of an Agency of Intergalactic Intelligence that will provide and disseminate information to the public. (Paul Hellyer) (UFO Landing Pad) (Timespace Embassy) (Exopolitics)

Project: Future Intelligence Agency

15) Hoverboards for All. A Canadian Inventor build a working hoverboard device in 2016, and every Canadian should have one in the future. (Hoverboard)

Blog: Airborne Nation

16) Canada will work towards developing a self sustainable National Arcology Network across the nation over the next 2 terms. We will encourage Canadian developers, to build and construct self-sustainable and eco-friendly cities. (Arcologies Under Construction)

Project: Toronto Arcology Coop Project